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Anything for a Jeep Local Pickup

Misc. Jeep CJ Axle Assemblies $150-$250

Misc. Jeep CJ front and rear axle models: Spicer Dana 25, Spicer Dana 27, AMC 20.

Spicer Dana Model 27 Front Axle Assembly $200

Front axle assembly Spicer Dana Model 27 for Jeep CJ, M38 and Commando. Gear ratio: 4.27 Backing plate to backing plate, 10 inch, no brake assemblies. Can include used hubs and brake drums.

Spicer Dana Model 25 Front Axle Assembly $150

Front axle assembly Spicer Dana Model 25 for Jeep CJ, M38, Jeepster, FC150. Gear ratio: 4.27 Steering knuckle to steering knuckle. Housing with ring and pinion.

Spicer Dana Model 25 Front Axle Assembly $300

Front axle assembly Spicer Dana Model 25 for Willys Wagon and Truck. Gear ratio: 4.27 Drum to drum. 11-inch brakes. Housing with ring and pinion.

Dana Model 30 Front Axle Assemblies $150-$250

Jeep CJ, Commando front Dana 30 axle assemblies, including narrow trac. Many to choose from. Most gear ratios 3.54 and 3.73. Some other ratios also available. Most need brake work. Priced based on condition.
Bare Housings $50.

Jeep AMC Model 20 Rear Axles $50-$250

Jeep AMC Model 20 rear axle assemblies, including narrow trac. Most 3.54 gear ratio. Center position for manual transmission and off-set for quadra-trac and automatic transmission. Some with trac-lok differentials. Parts to complete axle assemblies.

1989 Jeep Cherokee Limited $550 OBO

Jeep Cherokee Limited 1989 for parts, no title. 4.0 liter 6-cylinder engine, automatic transmission NP242 transfer case, leather seats, electric windows and locks.

1965 International Scout 80 $500 OBO

 1965 International Scout 80. Clean title. All-wheel drive. 4 cylinder engine. T-90 transmission, Spicer model 18 transfer case, model 27 front and rear axles with power-locs. Hydraulic snow plow pump, brackets and lift cylinder.

Jeep CJ7 Hardtops 
$150 OBO

Jeep CJ7 Hardtops, many to choose from without rear liftgates.

Dana Model 44 Front Axle Assembly $200

Jeep truck closed knuckle Dana 44 front axle assembly.

Jeep CJ Roll Bars $100-$150

Jeep CJ floor mount roll bars.

Jeep CJ7 $600

Jeep CJ7 for parts, clean title. 6 cylinder, 5R4 transmission, Dana 300 transfer case model, AMC model 20 rear axle, Dana model 30 front axle. 

Dana Model 44 Front Axle $250

Front Dana model 44 axle passenger side drop.

1973 Jeep CJ5 $500

1973 Jeep CJ5 rolling chassis including: frame, lift, springs, rear dana model 44 axle with pumpkin in center front dana model 30 axle.

1976-1986 Jeep CJ Frames $300-$600 OBO

1976-1986 Jeep CJ frames, various conditions all need some repair - make an offer! Also have very good 775 CJ5 frame, $600 obo. Commando 103" frame $500. Mail Jeep frame $300 obo. Willys Wagon 2wd frame with 4.09 rear dana model 44 $500 obo.

Jeep FSJ Wagon $150-$250

Jeep FSJ Wagon Wide with Trac Axles passenger side drop, 6 bolt logs, complete or for parts.

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