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How To Remove Jeep CJ and FSJ Knuckle Ball Joints

In this short video, Fred shares what you need to do to remove ball joints from CJ and FSJ Knuckle.

The trick I use to take ball joints out of a model 30, I use the tools for my ball joint tool. I'm using a pin from The Dana 20 transfer case. I put it in my press, and if it doesn't move, this one moved, of course; if it doesn't move, I take a chisel and a hammer and rap it a couple of times, and that will loosen it up, and Bingo right out she goes. Most of the time, it doesn't press out unless you rap it with the hammer. Bingo, no cracks, perfect.


Anything for a Jeep sells authentic used and refurbished Jeep parts to people performing restorations, racers, rock crawlers, and all-around Jeep enthusiasts and is co-owned and operated by Fred and Diane Mottice. Fred has over 55 years of Jeep experience and a huge inventory of thousands of hard-to-find Jeep parts that have not been reproduced.

Be sure to check out the eBay store to shop parts online, or reach out to Fred directly if there's something you need. Chances are he has it or can make recommendations on any interchangeable parts. Call or text Fred at (330) 495-0821. Local pickup is available if you're in driving distance Louisville, Ohio, as well as special ordering.



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